Established in January 2000
Active members of the  American Society for Industrial Security.
We are always keeping current with security issues and new  security products that become available to the residential and commercial markets. Providing you with highest quality products at affordable pricing. 
We believe in educating our customers with the true facts on products available so you can make the right decision and we can offer  the right protection you need.
Our products are used in courtrooms, government and corporate offices, banks, convenience stores, gas stations, check cashing facilities,  prisons,  and even safe rooms in residential homes.

Made In The USA Our Products Include:  Bullet  Resistant Composite Wall Panels, Bullet Resistant Transaction Windows,
Transaction Drawers
,  Pass Thru HoppersDeal TraysElectronic Communicators, Bullet  Resistant  Gazing 
Bullet Resistant Doors,  
Security Mirrors.

We maintain high customer service, UL Listed Bullet  Resistant products sold worldwide.
Contact us:  Phone, fax    Request Quote   E-Mail : Info@advancedprotectionproducts.com